At Jacobson Transport Inc. (JTI), we haul many different types of products in tanker trailers, such as liquid yeast, molasses, liquid sugar, caustic acid, liquid fertilizer, food grade alcohol and asphalt. 


JTI has a long history of hauling tanker products, starting with petroleum products back in 1950. We mostly haul these products in the upper Midwest, but we do stretch our legs south in Missouri, Oklahoma, and even Texas on occasion.



Our Pressure Vessel or HAZMAT division includes delivering liquid propane and anhydrous ammonia. We transport propane and ammonia for home heating and agriculture applications.


We haul feed products out of the Wahpeton, N.D., area using our Live Bottom trailers. We offer local work 365 days a year, which also allows us to get drivers home daily. Our feed trailers are equipped with automatic tarps and hydraulic belts offering our drivers labor-free, 24-hour loading and unloading. These features, along with unloading in only a few minutes, helps us efficiently utilize our drivers and their time. 


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